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The Cultural-Existential Psychology Lab is centered in the Psychology Building, Rooms 520 & 526, on the University of Arizona campus. The lab is run by Dr. Sullivan's three current graduate students.



Isaac received his BA in Psychology from University of Kansas and his MA in Social Psychology and Program Evaluation from Claremont Graduate University. His research interests are diverse, but tend to revolve around the ways that modern individuals cope with threats to their wellbeing or others around them. His MA’s work focused on perceptions of victims and how people attribute blame to both victims and perpetrators. Currently, his main line of research involves the relation between culture and levels of reflexivity. In particular, he’s interested in how cultures afford reflexive worldviews, such as the view that social reality is a play or game (the dramaturgical perspective). In addition to the cultural underpinnings of these reflexive worldviews, he’s interested in their consequences (e.g., adherence to cultural scripts and individuals' psychological wellbeing and resilience).

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Roman Palitsky is a clinical psychology PhD student at the University of Arizona. His research centers on cultural, religious and existential topics in clinical health psychology. He has earned an MDiv from Harvard University.

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Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Schmitt received his B.A. in psychology from California State University, Fresno. His research interests center broadly around the cultural psychology of time. He is interested in the way that individuals of varying cultures and socioeconomic statuses, as well as individuals in different environmental contexts, conceive of time and space. This includes the significance individuals give to the past, present, and future in decision-making and information processing, and the extent to which time and space are consciously and unconsciously seen as separate entities.

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If you are interested in joining the Cultural-Existential Psychology Lab as an undergraduate research assistant, please email Isaac or Roman.

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